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Foster Care, Adoption, Respite Care, the Foster Parent Mentor Program and Kinship Care.

Foster Care

If you know someone who wants to become a foster parent, have him/her call the number below to get details on a Foster Parent Orientation in their neighborhood.

(877) 792-KIDS (5437)

If you know someone who is looking for the foster parent initial or pre-service classes “TIPS” Trauma Informed Pre-Service. Have them to call this number for information and/or to register:

(800) 200-1222

IMPORTANT: For people who take TIPS, but do not get their Foster Home license right away, TIPS must be completed within the last 12 months at the time of the License application, otherwise it must be repeated. Get your application in ASAP.


If you know someone who wants to adopt a child from the county, have them call for more information:

(877) 423-6788

En Español llame al (619) 409-3125

If your Adoption Social Worker has told you that you need to take the “Adoption Preparation” classes, call the toll free registration line to register:

(800) 200-1222

Respite Care

If you are a foster or kinship parent who has a child placed through the County of San Diego Juvenile Court Dependency Section, call Maxim Companion Services to arrange FREE respite care:

(866) 233-1913

Foster Parent Mentor Program

If you are a Resource Parent through the County of San Diego, you qualify for this unique program designed to increase retention and placement stability of foster care placements.

To have a mentor assigned to assist with issues like systems problems, personal problems, child or biological parent problems, and help in finding resources, call:

(800) 200-1222

Kinship Care

All meetings are currently held virtually

Click here for Kinship Support Group Schedule

Click here for Kinship Support Group Schedule Spanish 

If you are a relative raising a child such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle; you are a kinship caregiver.

If you, or someone you know, is raising a child either placed by the Juvenile Court or informally, you can call the YMCA Kinship Navigator Program which coordinates support groups. They also have navigators who are able to assist individual kinship caregivers in a wide variety of ways. Call them at:

(619)281-8313 x 10743


Kinship caregivers have expressed a desire for more training in specific areas to help them better meet the needs of the children in their care and themselves as well. You are welcome to attend any of our classes or workshops. Kinship caregivers that are approved Resource Parents are required to complete 8 hours of on-going training each year.

For information about the Kinship Support Groups, please contact the YMCA Kinship Program at

(619) 281-8313

or e-mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required


You can also visit the website:


Denti-Cal Provider Directory

Effective July 2016, children in the California foster care system must receive timely health and dental exams, based on periodicity schedules adopted by the program as the California Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT), which is now the AAP Bright Futures periodicity

Please remember to take a Health Visit Report (04-343) to every medical and dental appointment for a child in your care and have it completed and returned.

The following are San Diego County CHDP Providers and dental community clinics resources to assist caregivers in identifying appropriate providers for health and dental services: