In Person | Moving From Trauma‐Informed to Trauma Responsive

In Person | Moving From Trauma‐Informed to Trauma Responsive


9:30 am - 1:30 pm


Handlery Hotel
950 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA, 92108
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Guest Speaker: Sue Badeau

Sue is the lifetime mom of 22 children by birth and adoption, with experience caring for dozens more children in foster care and juvenile justice, and has a 30+ year professional background. Sue offers the perfect marriage of lived experience with professional expertise. She delivers all of this with warmth, humor, and down to earth realism.

Sue Badeau

Description: In recent years, there has been a strong focus for agencies, organizations and individuals working with children and families to become trauma-informed. However, to truly meet the complex needs of children, families and communities, it’s important to move beyond trauma-informed to becoming trauma-responsive. During this interactive in –person training, the presenter will offer strategies for implementing trauma-responsive and resiliency-building approaches to engagement on a daily basis.

The objectives participants will learn:

  • Define the difference between being trauma-informed and trauma-responsive
  • Gain skills at implementing at least 3 trauma-responsive strategies in their day to day engagement with children and families
  • Gain skills needed to equip others in becoming responsible for their own trauma-responsive healing

FREE Breakfast 

  • Training hours: 4
  • Training will start promptly at 9:30am
  • Translation available, please make a request at registration (Traduccion disponible, por favor solicitela al registrarse)


No childcare available, please do not bring babies or children to class. 

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