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Online | NTDC- Introduction and Welcome-Child Development

Online | NTDC- Introduction and Welcome-Child Development


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


(Part of The National Training and Development Curriculum)

Description: This session provides an overview of the components of the NTDC curriculum, introduces the idea of “Expanding Your Parenting Paradigm” and sets the stage for participants to feel welcome and engage their interest. In addition, participants will learn and understand typical child development as well as disrupted child development. Developmental delays and how to meet children’s developmental needs is also covered. The unique challenges associated with parenting children from each developmental stage are highlighted.

Instructor: Robin Thompson, MSW & MaryAnn Paschal, Resource/Adoptive Parent

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***Please Note: This class will be facilitated on the online platform called Zoom. Internet access and access to a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone is required to attend.

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