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Turning Dreams into Degrees: Supporting Successful Transitions from High School to College

10/30/2019 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

San Diego County Foster Parent Assoc.

Type of Class

“A Training to Empower California’s Caregivers to Support Foster Youth to Enroll and Succeed in College”

Instructors: Stephanie Harris, MSW & Wendy Curiel, Protective Services Program Manager

Education is the key to economic well-being and personal success for youth. Many studies have shown that attaining a bachelor’s degree not only increases employment opportunities for individuals but can also have a significant impact on lifetime earning. However, nationwide statistics reveal that only an estimated 3-11 percent of foster youth actually go on to receive a bachelor’s degree. Most foster youth want to a college education but need support and services to get them there to succeed.

Life after high school is a big transition and many foster youth do not start preparing early enough. This workshop will help caregivers understand how to support their youth to make a smooth transition from high school to college.

Caregivers will learn about the benefits of college and the different college pathways available so they can encourage youth to make a plan that is right for them. Caregivers will also learn about the key steps youth must take in the junior and senior year of college, and the supports and resources that exist to help youth along the way.


Please note, no childcare is provided or available onsite. Do not bring babies or children to class. Thank you!



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