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I am Here and You Are Worth It! Trust, Self– Regulation & Physical Health

07/28/2018 | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

San Diego County Foster Parent Assoc.

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Instructors: Angelina Puffelis, LMFT & Patty Robles, MSW

As parents, many of us have been exposed, or informed about the importance of developing a secure attachment. A secure attachment becomes the vital foundation that will generate experiences such as, higher success in school, beneficial relationships, stable emotional health, and a higher grade of confidence while obtaining the capacity to self- regulate.

This workshop will provide parents with a simplified ROAD MAP which is founded on decades in attachment research. Through this ROAD MAP, parents will gain a new perspective that enables them to meet the child’s 3-core attachment needs, and engrain them with the implicit message, “I am here, and you are worth it”. In addition, parents will develop the ability in knowing what to look for as they read their child’s behavior. This allows a child’s and parent’s miscues to be identified. Empowerment, being in charge, being bigger, stronger, wiser and kinder are all direct results from applying the ROAD MAP.



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