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Cancelled | Fostering Hope: An Educational Opportunity for Those Experiencing Infertility

08/06/2019 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Balboa Ave | CFT Room

Type of Class

***This Series has been Cancelled***


Series of 6 Wednesday workshops – Please plan to attend all six 

(This course will fulfill the requirement of the Adoption Specialty topic – Adoption After Infertility)

Instructors: Rebecca Meeks & Bonnie Cardillo

Fostering Hope is designed for participants struggling with infertility and who currently lack biological children. The goal of the class is to help participants come to terms with the experience of infertility and what infertility means for them and their family.

In addition, research has shown that women, in particular, experience high levels of depression, anxiety, and social isolation in response to infertility. This class seeks to assist participants in developing positive coping strategies and skills that they can utilize as they move forward in the process of becoming Resource Parents.


  1. Tuesday, August 6th
  2. Tuesday, August 13th
  3. Tuesday, August 20th
  4. Tuesday, August 27th
  5. Tuesday, September, 3rd
  6. Tuesday, September 10th

Session 1 Isolation and Connection (Women and Partners): Discuss social and relational isolation commonly experienced with infertility as a major life crisis.

Session 2 Grief and Loss (Women and Partners): Discuss the intangible loss of infertility, grief and what loss means to participants.

Session 3 Anger and Regret (Women and Partners): Discuss the topic of anger and regret helping participants gain awareness of their anger by being mindful and identifying emotions.

Session 4 Expectations and Hope (Women and Partners): Discuss expectations in reference to adoption and fostering including expectations and parenting issues that often occur during the adoption/foster process.

Session 5 Partner Support (Women and Partners): Discuss and provide information on healthy communication between partners.

Session 6 Self-Care and Mindfulness (Women and Partners): Teach and practice mindfulness activities, discussing individual coping strategies and how to implement these strategies daily.



Please note, no childcare is provided or available onsite. Do not bring babies or children to class. Thank you!



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